Our Strength


Expertise in the field of specialization.
We offer the most accurate, easy to communicate and highest quality translations and interpretation.
- Supports technical terms
- Familiar with the trends and circumstances of each industry

Highly specialized staff

Internal collaboration with experts in various fields

Our staff is active in a variety of fields, including medical, pharmaceutical, automotive and precision equipment manufacturing.
We can provide strong language support, including technical terms and industry conditions. We can provide total support in a variety of areas, including documents such as instruction manuals, specialized papers and research materials.

Our Strength


We have an emphasis on Cross-Cultural Considerations.
- Translation and Interpretation
- Pre-assignment training and language training

Specializing in cross-cultural communication

Language training by Bridgic

Language training at Bridgic is very different from what companies have been looking for in the past.
Not only do we teach language, but also the ways of thinking and customs of other cultures, which allows our students to take their communication skills one step further with foreigners. In the business world, building a deeper relationship of trust with your counterpart through cultural understanding will allow you to utilize your language skills in exchanges and negotiations.
With cross-cultural communication in mind, we provide translation and interpretation services, language training and dispatch services.

Our Strength


- Confidential content, attribution, and post-procedure.
- We use a confidentiality agreement that also specifies device security.

We utilize a confidential management system, so your information is always secure.

We maintain a high level of confidentiality control for any situation. We require signed confidentiality agreements with anyone who will interact with your information.

Our interpreters and translators are close partners to our company.
Confidential information management is an absolute requirement.