Bridgic Corp. Recruitment

From Tochigi to the World

"Real" service remains even after the Coronavirus.
The economy came to a temporary halt due to the global lockdown and shutdown.
The meaning of "necessities" has been changed and a new set of values has been created. With global introduction to remote work, we learned that anything is possible regardless of location.
Bridgic is a company in Tochigi.
Cross-cultural communication can start anywhere and from any location.
Real service, all the time.
From Tochigi to the world.


Support for cross-cultural awareness in a broad sense, not limited to translation

While searching for a workplace that would fit my lifestyle, I came across Bridgic which understood my situation even though I spoke honestly that I did not have any formal experience as a translator and that I wanted to maintain a good work-life balance. One of the reasons that inspired me to join Bridgic was the company's mission, along with the chance and possibility to be involved in supporting cross-cultural understanding in a broader sense than just translation.



At Bridgic, we are able to support our staff in the truest sense of the word.
If you are looking to advance your career, or wanting to work in the field again, we can help put your desire into action.
We offer a variety of work styles from:
・Full-time Postions
・Short Working Hours
・Remote Work
Other considerations and decisions will be made according to the specific social circumstances to your personal situation.


We provide benefits that allow you to transform your motivation to a career and lead a fulfilling corporate life.
・Full social insurance
・Maternity leave and shortened working hours for childcare
・Commuting Allowance
・Lunch Allowance
・Pay Raise/ Bonus
・Training system: translation training, PC training, instructor study groups, cross-cultural communication training, as well as other training programs for various tasks and skills.


Our mission is to be the bridge for many types of people to take "one step forward" through by providing our clients with high quality services.

One step ahead
Beyond Borders, Language, and Culture

Bridgic contributes to a richer and more understanding world.

Together we can build the bridge to a more cultural communicative world.

The words you create are the bridges that connects the world.

In the world, there isn't physical borders like those shown on a map, but there are clear differences in customs and culture, which affect communication between people in ways that are beyond imagination.
The words you create, the letters you write, transcend language, culture and national boundaries to promote mutual understanding between people and create the future of a global society.

Bridgic Corp.
Founder and President / Yukiko Kimura