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Language Training - English Conversation, etc.

At Bridgic, we believe that cross-cultural communication is the key to success in the workplace.
When you understand not only the language but also the culture, you will be able to build deeper relationships and use these valuable English skills in your business.

Language Training Specializing in Cross-cultural CommunicationBridgic's Original Training Program

Communication skills are the key to avoiding misunderstandings, increasing efficiency of meetings, and improving overall productivity.
In this course, students will learn to communicate and use English for business purposes.
●Cross Cultural Communication Skills
●Presentation Skills
In collaboration with Professor Emeritus Kyoko Yashiro of Reitaku University, an authority on intercultural communication, we have developed original teaching materials for these topics.

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We offer customized courses focused in IELTS, TOEFL, English Proficiency Test, and other language subjects.
Face-to-face and online support available.