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TOEIC Preparation Course

The "TOEIC Preparation Course" provides an environment where you can earnestly pursue your studies with textbooks and coaching lessons.
The instructors and staff will support your daily learning in support of an AI-based analysis of your weaknesses.
This is a course for those who want to get results.

Increase your earning potential with our expert lecturers, paired with AI to help focus on your weaknesses

Study daily through e-learning.
In e-learning, we use an AI to analyze your weak areas and based on the results, suggests the most suitable questions to review.
We use AI analysis to help you pinpoint your weaknesses, and pair your study with 1-8 lessons per month to increase lesson effectiveness.
This course is designed to help you achieve results.

Course Flow

- Skill check is conducted before taking the course.
- 1-8 lessons per month with an instructor.
- Use of e-learning for daily study. The instructor and the secretariat will follow up with you.

Customer Testimonials

"I avoided English for a long time, but since enrolling in the course, I've grown to enjoy my studies."
"I gained a great interest in to reading English, thanks to this course."
"This course was the change of pace I needed, and I became addicted to my English studies."
"The course gave me the skills to develop good study habits.

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