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Fully immerse yourself in our English summer camp. Foreign teachers (native speakers) and Japanese teachers will accompany the campers. This program is designed for elementary and junior high school students who are interested in going abroad to study in the future, or for those who have an interest in English. This camp experience gives an enjoyable and authentic experience to practice and study English.

English Camp, a 3-day, 2-night mini-study abroad program

Language is not something that is inherently learned at a desk.
We train our minds by moving our bodies and by collaborative work with our friends. It would be wonderful to put these actions and experience in English, and to feel the joy of being able to communicate in English with our minds and bodies! This was our vision, to create a way to give children many experiences through our English camp.
We want to give children many experiences through our English Camp, to leave the imprint that "English is not a difficult subject to study, but a fun way to communicate."

★First, introduce yourself!
★Using picture cards, and other materials, let's discover things about our team members!
★Story time, Teachers read stories to children
★Let's express our dreams in English!
★Experience interpretation for the underclassmen!
(Our younger students can be inspired by observing how upperclassmen interpret!

Course Information

During the camp season, we can accommodate group applications.
The camp is open to elementary school PTAs, children's groups, cram schools, and other groups of children from 4th grade to Junior High school 3rd grade.

●Level: 4th grade level students who can understand and communicate in simple English.
●Parents/guardians: Parents and guardians are not required to accompany the children. Please pick up and drop off your children at the site.
※Meals and required items will be determined in accordance to the conditions of the venue.
※We will provide separate information on safety considerations, such as the need to purchase insurance and to be accompanied by an outdoor expert.

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